What To Expect When Living In Medieval Castles

Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, UK

Do you live in a medieval castle? Most people do not. In fact, you would be lucky to spend a few hours in one a single time in your life. This will require you to travel to areas where they are in abundance. This could include places like England, Scotland, and Germany. Once you are in one, it will likely be renovated. However, there are some that they have tried to keep as authentic as possible. They will be cleaned, but the type of lighting that you will experience, and the sounds that you will hear, will closely resemble what people back then would have experienced. This is what you can expect if you were living in medieval castles hundreds of years ago.

What Type Of Sounds What You Hear?

The types of sounds you would hear in a medieval castle would have included the sound of the wind going through the hallways and open doors. You would hear the creaking of doors on iron hinges that needed to be oiled. Footsteps would resound through the stone hallways, particularly when people were wearing shoes or boots that had hard soles. The sounds of whispers would likely carry, and you would likely feel a draft at all times. The sound of this draft would be a moaning sound, especially if it were strong, extending throughout the entire castle.

Other Things You Would Experience In These Castles

Other things that you may experience, if it is an authentic one, is the use of candles and torches as you walked through these dark and sometimes dingy areas. You would also hear the voices of hundreds of people that lived in the castle, echoing through all areas. The castles are not just restricted to hallways, but you could be up high looking down, or you could be in the midst of the people out on the courtyard. All of these things would have been the normal for you, and you could experience all of this had you lived back in time in medieval castles all throughout Europe.